Financial Decision-Making Tools

For all those who own businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, there is a common denominator that they all share; money. This money, whatever the currency, falls under finance. Without funds, the business cannot stand, and that is why these funds must be well managed. The management of all financial assets is crucial for the business and for this reason, decisions must be made for the good of the business.

Decision-making tools are put in place to ensure that the business has a future. It doesn't matter whether you are taking a new loan, sourcing for new investments, starting over or expanding, there must be tools that will guide you on the way forward. See more on  LendKey Review.

For starters, there must be a business plan that is put in place. This plan is drafted even before the business venture as it will guide you as you start, grow and develop. Wherever you will be going to outsource funds, the first thing to present will be the business plan. Some of the details that are highlighted in a business plan include the mission statement, the summary of the whole business idea, the goals market analysis, and so much more.

Another tool that you ought to employ is the Pros and Cons Analysis Model. Here, the disadvantages and advantages of each option are listed and their weights determined. The financial decision arrived at must be screened this way. Therefore, the decision that will be left standing will be the best option to employ.

It is obvious that there will be a time that one will be faced with more than one option. But to safely select one, all these options must be selected and prioritized so that their order will be of some meaning. This tool is known as the Prioritization Matrix. Each financial decision must be subjected to this tool. Learn more at

There are forces that exist in the business world that significantly affect the decisions we make. These forces might be external or internal. Whatever the case, these forces must be brought to your attention. Any factor that will facilitate any change, however minimal, to oppose or back a certain decision must be determined. This is the Forced-Field Analysis.

In all the financial decisions made, there must be a voice of an expert, or as others might call them; advisors. Business advisors do a long way in securing the future of your business. For instance, if it is your first time, you will need the guidance of experienced persons to guide you. Therefore, make sure in all your financial dealings you have consulted the business advisors. See more at